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Prepare Your Forklift For The Winter Season

With the temperatures beginning to drop and the light fading earlier, the winter months present new barriers to the safe operation of the warehouse fleet. 

The reliability of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment could be affected by the harsh conditions and it is important to start preparing for this sooner rather than later.

We have prepared some top tips for keeping your forklift trucks in a reliable condition and safe for those operating them:

Protect Your Operators

Make sure all operators are wearing highly visible and warm clothing to cope with the lower temperatures and low visibility.  Keep all surfaces fully gritted from ice and snow when temperatures drop. 

Protect Your Forklift

Make sure your forklift is fully equipped with the right tyres, the best lighting for poor visibility conditions and also with other items such as a forklift cover where the truck doesn’t have an enclosed cab.

Stay On Top Of Maintenance Requirements

Winter demands extra maintenance as starters, chokes and other operating components take a beating in the wintertime.  Consider regular servicing to make sure your truck never misses a vital service and address all repairs immediately. 

Perform Vital Daily Checks

At the start of each shift, employees should carry out a daily check before operating the equipment.  This should include safety checks to make sure the truck is safe to operate and also topping up of any vital parts.  Ensure that you follow the recommended guidelines from your supplier/manufacturer and ask operators to complete a daily check sheet to keep track of all safety checks should you require them.

Operate Your Forklift In A Safe Manner

During the operation of the forklift, keep safe by driving only as fast as conditions will allow.  Use front and rear lights where necessary, keep screens clean and wipers operational.  If you are confronted with conditions that you feel would make the truck unsafe to operate stop immediately.   

If you would like to book a
winter service or simply get a site assessment for your winter safety requirements please contact Heyn Forklift Solutions on +44 (0)28 9074 1000 or email


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