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Forklift Truck Maintenance

No matter the quality or reliability of your forklift truck, consistent preventative maintenance is essential to ensure its long-term optimal performance. Maintaining all materials handling equipment at peak efficiency is crucial for productivity and a favorable return on investment.

The frequency of forklift servicing depends on various factors, such as:

  • Manufacturers' recommendations
  • Number of hours worked
  • Age, condition, and value of the forklift

Nature of the operating environment

Adhering to a comprehensive forklift maintenance plan, checklist, and schedule is vital to avoid costly downtime, guarantee peak performance, and extend the lifespan of your forklift. Neglecting regular maintenance increases the risk of equipment breakdowns, posing potential risks to operators. Different forklift types require specific forms of maintenance, so it's essential to follow manufacturer recommendations. Forklifts with significant daily use, for instance, should undergo inspection approximately every 90 days.

When establishing a maintenance schedule, consider factors like the age and working condition of the materials handling equipment. Regular maintenance is especially crucial for dirty or neglected forklifts, requiring more frequent attention to maximise their operational lifespan.

Daily Forklift Maintenance Plan, Checklist, and Schedule:

Safety is paramount when operating heavy machinery. Before operation, ensure operators are fully trained and utilise a daily forklift checklist for reference. Perform the following checks:

  • Inspect tires for proper inflation and absence of excessive wear or damage.

  • Verify sufficient fuel levels.

  • Test safety mechanisms, such as lights, horn, and brakes.

  • Check engine oil to ensure it's at the correct level for fuel economy and engine block prevention.

Monthly Forklift Maintenance Plan, Checklist, and Schedule:

Conduct a more in-depth check typically after 200 hours of work. Follow industry standards and manufacturer recommendations:

  • Change engine oil.

  • Clean the air filter.

  • Inspect for cracks.

  • Battery check for electric forklifts.

  • Lubricate chassis and mass components.

Annual Forklift Maintenance Plan, Checklist, and Schedule:

Every forklift should undergo a thorough annual examination, following manufacturer recommendations and often tied to warranty protections. Some services include:

  • Replacement of brake fluid, engine coolant, fuel filter, lube in drive hubs, fuel strainer element, and water separator.

  • Check reverse light, brake pedal switch, and direction switch operation.


How We Can Assist with Your Forklift Maintenance:

Heyn Forktrucks offers contracts covering Servicing and Breakdown needs for all types of Forklift Trucks, available on three-month, six-month, or annual bases. We understand the critical role forklifts play in daily business operations. Our services include on-site inspections during working hours, and in the event of extensive care requirements, we can provide a replacement truck until your original is operational again.

For more information, contact our team today!


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