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Thorough Examination Services

Heyn Forktrucks, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland are one of the few forklift companies using Thorough Examinations to improve their servicing profile for customers.

Aiming to enhance the safety of Material Handling operations, the primary objective of this examination is to assess a forklift's capability to perform daily tasks in compliance with regulations set by the Forklift Truck Association (FLTA).

Collaborating closely with insurance providers, the FLTA ensures that your forklift meets insurance liability requirements. Our team of CFTS Certified forklift engineers offers practical industry expertise as an alternative to assessments conducted by insurance provider assessors.

Forklift Thorough Examination:

Thorough Examination for forklift trucks is similar to the mandatory MoT for cars—an essential inspection to verify the safe operational condition of your forklift's mechanical components. It differs from routine maintenance and is obligatory, irrespective of recent servicing.

However, there is widespread uncertainty surrounding these inspections, leading to inadequate examinations of many forklifts. Numerous inspections may focus solely on the lifting mechanism, neglecting crucial safety elements such as brakes and tires. Such incomplete assessments render trucks unsafe and non-compliant, exposing employers to legal ramifications.

To address this confusion, two prominent organisations in the material handling industry, UKMHA and BITA, collaborated to establish Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS). This dedicated organisation aims to set a clear industry standard for Thorough Examinations, ensuring that all types of lift trucks undergo proper inspection, remain safe, and adhere to legal requirements.


Forklift LOLER test points

Heyn Forktrucks, Belfast, is equipped to perform Thorough Examinations in accordance with a scheme organised and overseen by Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS).


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