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Heyn Engineering team tests the original crane in Titanic's Pump House ahead of huge transformation

Heyn Engineering has recently been honoured with the job of testing the original crane which rests in the Pump House at Titanic’s Dock in the Titanic Quarter on behalf of Titanic Distillers. Titanic Distillers produce a premium Irish whiskey that is now sought after worldwide and is a testament to the ever-growing popularity of Irish whiskies today.

With work starting to recommission the iconic Pump House building into Belfast’s first distillery in over 100 years, our engineering team has been privileged with load testing the original crane which still remains in working order above the original massive pumps and gargantuan hydraulic accumulator.

The crane, which was originally erected by Andrew Barclay Sons & Co in Kilmarnock, sits above the Gwynees Pumps. It had a safe working load of 7 tons and was last used many years ago. The pumps housed there are an amazing feat of engineering and could empty 21 million gallons of water from the Titanic’s dock in only 100 minutes.

Heyn's rigging team was asked to load test the crane to certify it for use today under LOLER regulations (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations NI 1999).  Our team is LEEA certified and regularly load test a wide variety of lifting equipment including cranes, davits, and man-riding equipment.  During the test, the team used the crane to pick up one of the pumps and moved it up and down the length of the pump house. By doing so they were able to recertify the crane to a safe working load of 3.5 tonnes. The plan is to use the crane in the new distillery to create a visual blend of original equipment with the new machines to be installed for distilling quality whiskey.

Peter Lavery, Managing Director at Titanic Distillers commented, “The service from Heyn Engineering’s team has been second to none. They have been an ideal partnership being located so close to our location at the Pump House in the Titanic Quarter and it is great to build a bond with the company going forward. Heyn’s traditional rigging skills are a perfect fit for our philosophy in building the perfect distillery.”

Heyn Handling Solutions wishes Peter all the best in the venture to get the pump house running as the new Titanic distillery in the coming months and the re-development of the area to celebrate the historical relevance of the area.




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