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Heli Lithium-Lite Forklift Range

Do you want your operation to be emissions-free and cost-effective?

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Heli 3 Wheel Lithium-Ion Counterbalance Forklift 1.5T


Our entry-level 3-wheel forklift is a fantastic solution for those low-usage applications that want a cost-effective solution for performing jobs in narrow aisles and tight spaces. With the convenience of a built-in 3-pin plug charger and a maintenance-free battery, it is always ready to go when you need it. It can lift loads up to 1500KG at a 500mm load centre.


Heli 4 Wheel Lithium-Ion Counterbalance Forklift 1.8T


Excelling in light applications, this fantastic entry-level forklift, with the latest in lithium-ion technology, boosts productivity while saving you money. Models available range from 1.5-1.8T and all come with a convenient built-in charger. It can lift loads up to 1800KG at a 500mm load centre.



Heli 4 Wheel Lithium-Ion Counterbalance Forklift 2.5T


An excellent all-rounder for those that need a reliable and cost-effective truck for light usage! Lifting loads up to 2500KG at a 500mm load centre this truck can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. With the latest in lithium-ion technology, this truck will speed up your operations thanks to its convenient built-in charger and maintenance-free battery.


Benefits of Switching to the Heli Lithium-Lite Range


• Plug and Play- A built-in charger that can be plugged in anytime, in any socket. When stopping for breaks and mealtimes, plug it in for a short period and it will keep your truck running all day!


• Emission-Free- Zero emissions and a quiet truck will be better for staff health.


• No Set up Cost- No costly charging stations need to be installed, saving you time and money


• Compact- Works effortlessly in tight spaces or narrow aisles.


• All the Driver Essentials- Large cabin space for operator comfort, USB port to charge your devices, suspension seat to reduce fatigue and an LCD display monitor to make you feel comfortable when driving.


• Warranty- The battery comes with a 5-year or 10,000 hours warranty and a dedicated engineering team that come to you, wherever you are.


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