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Identifying the Lifespan of your Tractel Height Safety Equipment

Tractel textile PPE Equipment including harnesses, ropes, lanyards and energy absorbers and Tractel mechanical PPE equipment such as Stopcable, Stopfor Fall Arrresters, Blocfor and Tractel lifelines can be used without restrictions from their manufacturing data providing the following conditions : 

  • Their use is in accordance with the instruction manual
  • A periodic inspection is carried out at least every 6 months in accordance with BS 8437:2005 & INDG367, by a competent person/organisation  (Heyn Engineering Solutions) who will after inspection, authorise in writing that the PPE is fit to be returned to service
  • The instruction manual procedures for storage and transport are strictly met

The date of manufacture is very important and is required to determine the frequency of inspections.  It is imperative that you have a full written inspection history of any height safety product that you intend to use.
Further details of how to find the date of manufacture for Tractel products is shown below:
Harnesses – 10 years from the date of manufacture, the equipment must be inspected as described above.  

Blocfor Fall Arrest Blocks
Accessories, rope, lanyards and energy absorbers


T2000 Helmet
FABA - the lifespan for FABA travellers is 10 years for the mechanical element and 6 years for the webbing

Reduction of Life due to environmental conditions - the life of the product may be reduced by dirt ingress, paints and solvents, UV degradation etc.  It is the responsibility of the competent person carrying out the annual inspection and the user carrying out pre-use checks to ensure the product is safe for use.  If the date of manufacture cannot be determined, it should be discontinued from use and destroyed.  


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