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Heyn Forktrucks: Pioneering Cost-Effective Electric Forklifts Throughout Northern Ireland

Heyn Forktrucks, an awarding-winning, leading provider of Heli forklifts, is at the forefront of a revolution in cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. As companies worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint and optimise operational efficiency, we at Heyn Forktrucks are setting a new standard with cutting-edge Heli electric forklifts.

The Shift Towards Sustainable Solutions:

In recent years, the industrial landscape has witnessed a significant shift toward sustainable practices. Businesses are increasingly seeking ways to minimise their impact on the environment while maximising their cost-effectiveness. At Heyn Forktrucks we have taken this challenge head-on by offering a range of electric forklifts manufactured by Heli, a globally recognised name in material handling equipment.

Key Advantages of Electric Forklifts:

Our focus on electric forklifts stems from their numerous advantages over traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts. Electric forklifts are renowned for their:

Environmental Friendliness: Electric forklifts produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and contributing to cleaner air quality in industrial spaces.

Cost Efficiency: Electric forklifts have lower operational costs compared to their ICE counterparts. With fewer moving parts and no need for fuel or oil changes, maintenance expenses are significantly reduced.

Quiet Operation: Electric forklifts operate with considerably less noise, creating a more comfortable and less disruptive work environment for employees.

Energy Savings: Electric forklifts are more energy-efficient, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Enhanced Performance: Electric forklifts offer smooth acceleration, precise manoeuvrability, and consistent power delivery, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Heyn Forktrucks' Partnership with Heli:

One of our core strengths lies in our strategic partnership with Heli, a leading global manufacturer of material handling equipment. This partnership enables us to provide a comprehensive range of electric forklifts designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries. Heli's commitment to quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients.

Customised Solutions for Varied Needs:

We understand that every business has unique requirements when it comes to material handling. To cater to these varied needs, we offer a range of customisable options, including different lift capacities, mast heights, and attachments. This flexibility ensures that businesses can find the perfect electric forklift solution that aligns with their operational demands.


Heyn Forktrucks, a Belfast-based Heli forklift provider, is leading the way in offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly electric forklift solutions. Through our partnership with Heli and commitment to customisation, our company is transforming the material handling landscape while making significant strides toward a more sustainable future. As businesses continue to prioritise efficiency and sustainability, Heyn Forktrucks stands as a shining example of innovation and progress in the heart of Belfast.


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