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Crane Refurbishment

While the design life of a standard crane is typically 10 years, many continue to operate beyond this timeframe. Instead of scrapping a structurally sound crane, our expert engineers conduct thorough inspections, replacing worn-out or damaged components to breathe new life into older models.

Servicing and Repairs

Our refurbishment services cover a range of major components, such as the hoist or crab unit, cross-travel drives and wheels, long-travel drives and wheels, festoon cable systems, and control panels. Embracing modern technology, we often upgrade traditional hard-wired pendants to advanced radio remote control systems. This not only provides operators with greater flexibility but also enhances safety by eliminating the constraints of wired connections. Our experienced crane engineers and dedicated design team ensure seamless integration of modern parts with existing crane structures. All work is certified through rigorous load testing, guaranteeing the highest standards of performance and safety. Don't retire your crane prematurely – let us extend its lifespan through meticulous inspection and refurbishment.

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